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Lemme Wear This Tmrw Please

april1. Supreme x Comme Des Garcons   /   2. Pearl Earrings    /  3. Monki Tee    /   4. Zara Denim Skirt   /   5. Supreme Backpack    /   6. Forever 21 Sunnies     /   7. Air Max Plus

  1. Happy Easter y’all! Spring is finally here and I absolutely love it. The pink trees are so beautiful and I stop to take pictures of ever single on of them here in Portland. It’s not quite warm enough yet, but it can’t be long, to wear skirts all day yet. I absolutely am a sucker for skirts and I have about a 100 of them, I just think long legs look so good in skirts, so I can’t wait to finally wear skirts almost everyday.

    Some of you have probably noticed the most recent collab Supreme has released? If not I can tell you that it is with Comme Des Garcons, and it is just super cool. My favorite item is definitely the rain jacket, not only because I live in places where that is just really necessary, but also because I honestly think rain jackets are so cool. The jacket is still available unlike some of the other cool items, but it is a bit pricey though.

    Luv C!

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