5 Things I’ve Learned Recently From Living ‘Alone’ In America


#1 – The importance of being able to be comfortable with silence and solitude without the fear of losing yourself and without thinking the people around you are going to leave you behind.

#2 – It does not always have to be the same person who takes care of the rest of the crew; it’s also a quality to take a step back and trust your friends actions.

#3 – How I sometimes am very torn between wanting to treat others the way they treat me, and wanting to treat others the way I want to be treated myself.

#4 – They fact that my everyday life as a college student depends on the fact that it is what you make it; by that I mean everything doesn’t just come easy to you no matter how pretty or smart or funny you are. If you want more friends, go out and make some. If you want to be more social, do something about it. If you want more success in your sport, work harder for it.

#5 – To follow up on the one above, I have a feeling that your future low-key depends on a good amount of luck, but I’m also very certain that everyone is able to ‘create’ their own luck with hard work.

Luv C.

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