Fall Feels

Fall Feels


1/Weekday Tote Bag   2/Topshop Jacket   3/Topshop Dress   4/Zara Knit Dress   5/Topshop Sandals      6/Kaibosh Glasses   7/Ganni Sweatshirt   8/Adidas Climate Cool   9/ Bkr Water Bottle  10/Ganni Hair band/ 11/Zara Glitter Top   12/Ganni Skirt

Summer’s over and I low key like that. I’ve been wanting to wear my longsleves for a long time, and now I can finally do it every day. I know you guys back home in Denmark probably already are wearing big knits, but here the temperature is a bit higher. September and October is definitely two of my fave months, because the weather is not too cold, althoug it kinda sucks if it’s raining. I also love these months, because I think some of the most beautiful clothes are found in the different Autumn Collections. Another reason why I love October is probably because it’s my birthday month, yay! 10 days till I’m turning 20 years, but even better is that my sister arrives in a WEEK!?! I really can’t wait to show her everything about Portland, the University and so on.

Have a good weekend!

Luv C.


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